A happy ending for Molly

When I first came into a high-kill shelter in Kentucky, the folks there really had no history on me. All they knew was that I was a stray – possibly abandoned. I was running loose until a good Samaritan picked me up and took me to a shelter in Louisville – maybe they had no idea it was a high-kill shelter. Don’t feel sad for me because my story has a happy ending. I was one of the lucky dogs that left that shelter and came to Wisconsin.

It was on May 15th, 2015 that the Adams County Humane Society picked me to be transferred to the humane society to get a second chance. When I arrived at the ACHS, I was extremely matted, and my skin was very sensitive and painful from the extreme matting that it hurt to be touched or petted. The staff had me groomed to get rid of my matting and let me heal for about a month before putting me up for adoption. After my grooming, the shelter employees found out to their surprise that I was a Bichon-Frise! To help me get adopted, the shelter put my information on Pet-Finder in June where my soon-to-be family saw me. There were at least four on-line adoption requests for me, but it was Karen Schroeder who made the first call about meeting me.

Karen had lost her 16-year-old Beagle due to kidney failure in February of 2015, and since she had always had a dog since she was a child, she felt at a loss without a dog in her home. Karen states that her mother always would tell her that you don’t realize how much your life revolves around that animal until you’ve lost one. Karen says, “How quiet my home became after the loss of our Beagle.” All my mom Karen knew was that she didn’t want a puppy and at that time I was estimated to be around a year old.

When Karen and a friend drove the 150 miles to meet me, I was very excited and so I barked and jumped a lot – trying to get their attention. I do tend to get excited very easily and still do at times. The shelter staff told Karen that I was clean in my kennel – so, possibly housebroken – which always helps a dog to get adopted. Karen took me for a walk around the shelter trail to get to know me and everything went so well that on that same day, June 22nd, I went to my new home! Since it was a long trip back home, I laid on my new moms lap the whole way back. I knew we were meant for each other.

Now that I have been with Karen for over three years, I have learned quite a lot. At first, when mom walked me on leash, I acted wild, but now am trained to walk right by her side. Every morning my mom and I go out for a walk and as she will say, “Molly loves her morning walks.” I have also learned the command to sit, especially when it involves a treat! My mom Karen also put this thing called a doggy door in the sunroom so that I can go outside when I need to. I proved how intelligent I am by learning how and when to use it very quickly. When my mom says, “time for bed,” I know she wants to go to bed for the night, and that I want to go too being that I get to share the bed! I have been able to make dog-friends with two fellow Beagles in my neighborhood which is exciting. Most importantly, I have learned what it is like to be taken care of and loved by my person. Karen, my mom, takes me to the groomer every 6 to 8 weeks so that I never have to go through pain from being matted again!

Not only has Karen helped me learn a lot and taken care of me, but my mom will also tell you that I have always been there for her as well. “Molly has made me very happy. Mollly has been there for me when I would go and visit my sister in assisted living who has Parkinson’s Disease. When I get home, Molly picks up on my sadness and is there to comfort me. She (Molly), is like a soul mate.” My mom takes me with her to visit her sister and others at the assisted living place, and my mom says that I make her sister and others there very happy. It made my moms sister very happy that Karen had found a dog. Karen says of Molly, “Molly is now going on about 4 1/2 years old and she has given me so much love and affection. Molly is very smart; I think there is a little person inside her. She seems to understand my emotional needs and be sensitive to exactly what I need at that time. I look at her, and she’s got the sweetest little face. I am grateful to the Adams County Humane Society for saving Molly from being euthanized at the high-kill shelter so that I could adopt her!”

Published by enugen

I'm a middle-aged lady with a huge heart for anything with four legs! For the last thirty years I've pretty much lived in a lot of different areas of United States and it is no different when you see the animal neglect and abandonment. I have been into animal rescue since my twenties and want to help bring awareness through my writings about what we can do to give forever homes to shelter animals. I've lived in Adams Wisconsin in December of 2004 and volunteered at the Adams County Humane Society since the summer of 2005. As a contracted writer for the local paper, I started writing a weekly stories about the animals that were up for adoption or the ones that were adopted. I hope to draw attention to the numerous animals that are in shelter and rescues that need forever, loving homes. And, possibly gather other's "happy ending" stories, as I plan to publish a book and share proceeds with Adams County Humane Society to help them keep helping our local animals in need.

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