Ben and Cooper’s story

We each have our own story to tell. Although we are brothers now our lives started quite different until we each found a loving home with AnnMarie Vanderhoof. I (Ben) will start by telling you how I came to be at the best doggone home ever! In the Fall of 2007, I was found as a stray running with another dog when I was only about three months of age. Can’t remember why I ended up as a stray because it has been so long ago. My stay at the Adams County Humane Society was around a month long when I met my wonderful human mom-to-be. At the time, the Vanderhoof household was a multi-pet place, and I loved it. The Vanderhoof home adopted all their pets from the Adams County Humane Society. There was Dillion, a Husky/Retriever mix, Kane, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, and Joe, a Chihuahua/Terrier mix. When I first was introduced to my new home, it was great! As for training, no problem! AnnMarie says, “Ben was amazing. Pretty much trained himself in all areas. He’s like the perfect dog.” Eventually, Dillion and Kane passed which left just Joe and me, so our mom took us both to the Adams County Humane Society on December 23, 2017, to meet a puppy named Cooper. At the time I was already around ten years old, and Joe was around fourteen so meeting this energetic puppy was a trip. Right off the bat Joe “wrinkles his nose and walks away” but I “sniffed him then went to find out what else I could sniff.” When we three returned home, Cooper grabbed my leash and tried to take me for a walk! We got along splendidly. However, Joe was not feeling all that great and being older wasn’t happy about having a puppy around. Joe never did warm up to Cooper until right before he passed and he allowed Cooper to play with him. Maybe Joe was apologizing for being so gruff with Cooper? Anyway, Cooper is an awesome dog too!

I (Cooper) came to be at the Adams County Humane Society when some other puppies and I were sent there from an Alabama shelter or rescue. I was only about four months of age when I arrived, and shortly after that AnnMarie came to adopt me on the day before Christmas Eve in 2017. I was so happy to find a forever home and especially one that was so loving and responsible. Ben and I went to obedience school, as have all the other pets that the Vanderhoof family have adopted from the ACHS. Our mom, says, “Cooper, I think passed obedience school only due to no puppy left behind. He’s a work in progress! We just got housebreaking down. However, every day with Cooper is a funny experience.” Yes, I guess I do sort of keep mom guessing as to what I’m thinking and why I do the things that I do. I like to jam my toys down behind the cushions of the couch, but then try to figure out where they went to but can’t figure out where they went! Mom thinks I’m silly because I go behind the couch to try and find my toys. Mom says, “He’ll jam his toys down in the couch and then run behind to see if he can find which section they fell through.” However, I have surprised everyone with my speed and strength. My mom will tell you that I am very agile and that I can clear an oversized recliner and land on the couch without a running start! Although, Ben and I are the only pets now at the Vanderhoof home, we get along great unless I get a little overzealous with play and Ben, now that he is ten years old, gets grumpy and will “put me in my place.” Our mom knows that Ben and I love each other because we love to cuddle on the couch together like we’ve known each other our whole lives. We are the best of friends.

AnnMarie says, “Cooper has mellowed a lot since Joe passed about two weeks ago and Ben has started chemo. This is Bens second round with cancer. He had a tumor on his back leg that was removed four years ago, and he was doing well, but now he has developed a mast cell tumor on his leg and a tumor on his anal gland. The vet can’t remove them unless we can get chemo to shrink them some (the tumor has already shrunk, and there is a good possibility for surgery). My dogs are like my kids. I can’t imagine not having them in my life. Ben and I have a connection like none I’ve ever had with anyone two legged or four legged. He’s my best friend. Cooper is a big clown and keeps me entertained with his constant antics.”Ben (left) playing with Cooper (right) and Joe (background) napping

Published by enugen

I'm a middle-aged lady with a huge heart for anything with four legs! For the last thirty years I've pretty much lived in a lot of different areas of United States and it is no different when you see the animal neglect and abandonment. I have been into animal rescue since my twenties and want to help bring awareness through my writings about what we can do to give forever homes to shelter animals. I've lived in Adams Wisconsin in December of 2004 and volunteered at the Adams County Humane Society since the summer of 2005. As a contracted writer for the local paper, I started writing a weekly stories about the animals that were up for adoption or the ones that were adopted. I hope to draw attention to the numerous animals that are in shelter and rescues that need forever, loving homes. And, possibly gather other's "happy ending" stories, as I plan to publish a book and share proceeds with Adams County Humane Society to help them keep helping our local animals in need.

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