A perfect home for Ceclia, a three-legged cat

First let me tell you my story. My name is Cecelia, as my new family named me. I was a homeless cat and showed up in a nice lady’s yard. She fed me and saw that I was very badly hurt. My front paw had been caught in something, possibly a trap and two thirds of my front paw was missing with the bones sticking out. I would not have survived if she had not helped me. She couldn’t continue taking care of me so she surrendered me to the Adams County Humane Society on November 26th, 2017. The ACHS got me into the veterinarians as soon as they could. On December 31st they amputated my front leg and estimated my age to be around two years. Now I just had to wait for my meant-to-be family to find me.

During this time a wonderful lady by the name of Susan Cox was looking online at all of the cats at various humane societies and shelters and came across my picture and information at the Adams County Humane Society. The Cox family had recently – November 4th, 2017 – lost a teacup poodle named Boo to congestive heart failure. Boo was ten years old and also a front leg amputee who had held a special place in the Cox home for years. When Susan saw Tria, now Cecelia on the ACHS webpage she knew she had found the cat for her family. Susan and Mike Cox were looking for a cat since the Cox household is a busy one and with the time it takes to train a new dog or puppy, they thought it best to adopt a cat since they are so independent. My mom to be said she really loved my tortoiseshell coloring and felt that I needed someone that would understand me and know how to take care of my needs. Mike and Susan’s children have grown up and moved away and they took their cats with them when they moved out, so the Cox household had only one pet at home which was Gunther, a ten-year-old German Shepherd. So, on December 23rd, 2017 Susan and Mike adopted me from the Adams County Humane Society and took me home.

When my new family, Susan and Mike Cox brought me home, they set my up in a room of my own with everything I needed so I could get adjusted to my new home and family. Of course, Christmastime at the Cox home was exciting and noisy and I got scared and escaped to the basement. I guess I just wanted a little adventure! When they couldn’t get me to come back upstairs, Mike set up cameras in the basement to keep an eye on me. I would sneak upstairs at night to eat and explore, then sneak back downstairs. Eventually I did feel comfortable enough to come upstairs during the daytime and so adjusted. Of course, I still had to adjust to my new dog-sibling, Gunther. I am coming around very nicely with Gunther as he lets me know on a regular basis that he wants to be friends. For example, I like to sleep in my new cat bed and one morning Gunther wanted to wake me up by sticking his nose inside to say hello. Well, you know how stubborn cats can be! I wouldn’t come out. Mom, Susan, will tell you that I don’t hiss or growl at Gunther, but I am still a little shy. Gunther will go as far as picking up my catnip toys, which I adore, with his mouth and carry and deposit them in a pile in front of my cat bed to get my attention! As you can tell I have Gunther wrapped around my paw!

Susan says, “She has become queen of the household! Gunther is excited about his new friend. Cecelia will bat her ball back and forth in front of Gunther, teasing him! She is fitting in really well and hopes she will be a lap cat since Boo loved to lay in my lap.”

Published by enugen

I'm a middle-aged lady with a huge heart for anything with four legs! For the last thirty years I've pretty much lived in a lot of different areas of United States and it is no different when you see the animal neglect and abandonment. I have been into animal rescue since my twenties and want to help bring awareness through my writings about what we can do to give forever homes to shelter animals. I've lived in Adams Wisconsin in December of 2004 and volunteered at the Adams County Humane Society since the summer of 2005. As a contracted writer for the local paper, I started writing a weekly stories about the animals that were up for adoption or the ones that were adopted. I hope to draw attention to the numerous animals that are in shelter and rescues that need forever, loving homes. And, possibly gather other's "happy ending" stories, as I plan to publish a book and share proceeds with Adams County Humane Society to help them keep helping our local animals in need.

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