A forever home for a dog named Buster

My journey to find a forever home began when I arrived at the Adams County Humane Society in February of 2012. I was only a youngster, a 9-month-old puppy and had originally come from an overcrowded facility in Lady Smith. The staff at the ACHS did not know much about my background, except they thought I was a Labrador and Pit Bull mix. I didn’t like having to be locked up in a kennel, and so I barked quit a lot, especially when new people came to the humane society to visit. The staff thought I would have a hard time getting adopted because I barked so much. However, on February 25th, 2012 Lynn Harthorne and Tim Hendrich came to visit the Adams County Humane Society hoping to find a dog to adopt. At first, they were interested in another dog, a Dutch Shepherd, but when they were told that I might be hard to adopt out because I was a very vocal dog and barked a lot, Lynn said, “I want him, he’s the one!” You see, Lynn Harthorne and her boyfriend, Tim Hendrich, would prefer to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue, or save one on their own. They saw my potential. I tried hard enough to get their attention! When they first arrived, I happened to be in one of the outdoor kennels, and I started barking and jumping up trying to tell them I wanted to go home with them. I wanted a forever home. Well, my lucky day was that day because they took me home with them!

Both Lynn and Tim recognized right away that I was an intelligent dog because I showed them that I had manners and already knew some of the dog commands.  Best of all, I showed them I was completely house trained; although, the staff at the Adams County Humane Society at told them how spotless I kept my kennel. At some point in my life, Lynn will say that someone must have taken the time to teach me some things. Once Lynn and Tim took me home I was a different dog and quieted right down and stopped barking. Also, I enjoyed walking on a leash, which was great because Lynn and Tim like to go on trails for hikes close to where they live, which we do four times a week. All the exercise that we do is great for me because it makes me a calmer, happier dog. I loved Tim’s children at first sight and since they have grown up and left home, every time I see his boys I make groaning and moaning noises. Mom calls these noises my way of showing I am happy like when I am playing with my toy ball or have it between my paws, I moan and groan with pleasure. I also like to lay in the yard and roll onto my back and let the sun shine down on me; then, I roll back over and sit up and take in my home. My mom Lynn says, “Buster likes watching the world go by.”

All went well from day one. Of course, meeting their cat Sid for the first time didn’t go as expected. Sid and I both are around the same age, and so, you could say, we grew up together. Sid, being like most cats, hid out from me. It took a year for Sid to get to know me and trust me, but now that we have bonded, we are the best of buddies. Lynn and Tim were patient and waited on Sid and me to adjust to the new situation and bond. Sid shares my bed every night, and I don’t even mind if Sid wants to get into my food dish to eat some of my food. I step back and just let him eat! In return, Sid doesn’t mind sharing his catnip toy with me; of course, when I am done playing with it, it has a lot of slobber on it! Sid and I love playing tag with each other, but I swear, Sid is the one that starts it! Sid will come up to me, raise up on his legs and bite me around the scruff of my neck. So, what do I do? I defend myself! I nip at Sid’s feet and legs until he stops. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sid, and he loves me. For instance, when separated for any length of time, Sid cries and meows nonstop and will go looking for me. We love each other and share our toys, food, and bed, but most important, we share the two most important people in our lives, mom and dad who saved us.

How fast time has flown! I have been with Lynn and Tim around six years now and am so grateful they found me. Sid is grateful to Lynn and Tim for adopting him as well since they found him in Juneau County at a shelter. He showed how grateful he was when one night Lynn and Tim were woke up by strange noises coming from the basement. They went to find the cause of the noise and saw Sid carrying a mouse trap with a dead mouse in it up the basement steps to give to them! He wanted to show he could be a good mouser although he couldn’t get outside to catch one. I show how much I appreciate being adopted by staying in my yard and never leaving. My dad, Tim says, “He knows how good he’s got it.” All I can say is that I didn’t have to bark to get people’s attention anymore. I had found my forever, loving home!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Published by enugen

I'm a middle-aged lady with a huge heart for anything with four legs! For the last thirty years I've pretty much lived in a lot of different areas of United States and it is no different when you see the animal neglect and abandonment. I have been into animal rescue since my twenties and want to help bring awareness through my writings about what we can do to give forever homes to shelter animals. I've lived in Adams Wisconsin in December of 2004 and volunteered at the Adams County Humane Society since the summer of 2005. As a contracted writer for the local paper, I started writing a weekly stories about the animals that were up for adoption or the ones that were adopted. I hope to draw attention to the numerous animals that are in shelter and rescues that need forever, loving homes. And, possibly gather other's "happy ending" stories, as I plan to publish a book and share proceeds with Adams County Humane Society to help them keep helping our local animals in need.

10 thoughts on “A forever home for a dog named Buster

  1. Lovely story. There are simply too many unwanted domestic animals around without homes, I refuse to call them pets because you don’t get rid of a ‘pet’ do you?

    I was ever so pleased that you followed me and hope that on th eodd occasion I can make you smile with one of my silly signs or observations of the less intelligent species who dominate this planet. Still not all humans are daft, just the ones I run into!

    Have a great week.


    The Cat


    1. Thank you sooooo much for visiting my blog and responding so kindly. Yes, way too many unwanted cats and dogs and other animals in the world. I love mine and they are my four-legged children!!!


  2. Hi Elizabeth – Many thanks for deciding to Follow my Blog. Given your subject here, you (and your readers) may be interested in my book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”. It is a true story about a German Shepherd/Rottweiler who we adopted from our local shelter. He was my first dog … and the story (an emotional roller coaster ride) is in the book. All net profits will be directed to the shelter. The book is available in various formats; from all the usual on-line book retailers, and direct from Friesen Press. (link to amazon reviews below)


  3. So happy to hear of Buster’s happy ending story. This makes my heart smile. Thank you for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We 💙 visitors, especially those who work hard to find ‘furever’ homes for pets.


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